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Welcome to Film Sound Restoration, your trusted source for professional audio restoration services. We specialise in revitalising the sound of your media with our expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Whether you’re dealing with deteriorated soundtracks, archive audio, or precious recordings, we have the skills and advanced solutions to restore your content. Our services address issues such as noise removal, distortion repair, de-clicking, de-crackling, and enhancing sound clarity.

With 20 years’ experience in professional audio, we ensure your content sounds pristine and vibrant. Let us help you preserve your audio legacy for future generations.

Audio restoration

The audio restoration process

1. Digitising material

We’re used to dealing with audio on a range of formats, many of which are nearing obsolescence. The first stage is geting the audio digitised in the highest-quality possible.

If you haven’t yet done this, we can assist with getting your analogue media digitised in to a format suitable for restoration.

Whatever the format, from optical & magnetic sound on film to video and audio formats, we’re here to help.

2. Conforming & checking sync

Ensuring accurate sound synchronization in older recordings is a primary focus, given that discrepancies frequently arise from varying playback speeds and formats used in historical audio equipment.

With our extensive experience at detecting and rectifying these synchronization issues, we guarantee that your sound has the original timing, with no synchronization errors.

3. De-clicking, de-crackling & noise reduction

In audio restoration, eliminating clicks, crackles, hiss, and pops is crucial for enhancing old recordings. Using the latest technology and advanced methods to declick, decrackle, and reduce unwanted noise, restoring clarity while maintaining the original character of your audio.

4. Review & delivery

Once the work is complete, you’ll receive a link to review the results, as well as make comments for any alterations.

Once signed off, you’ll receive high-quality 96KHz, 24-bit digital audio files using our secure digital delivery system.

Dolby Atmos reversioning

Future-proof your film’s audio with our Dolby Atmos reversioning services. Elevate your audience’s experience with immersive sound, ensuring your film sounds its best for years to come.

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Recently completed

Blood Money from Arrow Films is a must-have BluRay set for Western aficionados. It features four 1960s and 1970s Spaghetti Westerns; 10,000 Dollars Blood Money, Vengeance is Mine, Find a Place to Die, and Matalo! (Kill Him), all in new 2K restorations.

As audio restoration specialists,  we were responsible for the English versions of all films and the Italian version of one. This involved enhancing the original soundtracks to match the visual quality using the very latest in audio restoration technology. The collection offers both original and English soundtracks in restored lossless format with subtitles.

These films, known for their gritty realism and complex antiheroes, are presented with new introductions, audio commentaries, and soundtrack appreciations. Blood Money is an indispensable addition for classic film fans, showcasing the fusion of top-notch visual and audio restoration.

Meet your audio restoration specialist

Tom Lowe is an esteemed expert in audio restoration and post-production, with nearly 20 years of experience. Renowned for his technical mastery and creative finesse, Tom excels in sound engineering and the latest audio restoration and enhancement technologies. His dedication to quality and detail makes him a standout in the audio post-production field.

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